Apulia Wedding Photographer – Marilisa & FrancescoApulia - Italy

A Fancy wedding in the beautiful Apulia countryside

Marilisa and Francesco are the type of couple I would want to shoot at every wedding. So natural, loving and expressive, and they love photography! They wanted me to be their Apulia wedding photographer because they loved the idea of candid shots. To me, storytelling is always the way to go at weddings, and if all the couples were like the two of them, then my job would be a lot less complicated. I had a lot of chances to shoot from the very beginning of the day, since also the families and all their guests were such expressive people. I got the perfect inspiration. Their wedding was a mix of rustic and elegant, romantic and crazy, there were just a bit of everything! The music was great also.

The wedding day

The exchange of rings took place in a small church in Torremaggiore. Right after we went for a walk through the old side of the town, which offers amazing street views with its romantic and picturesque alleys. Many of their friends joined us, and thus it was a truly pleasant and fun walk all together. The weather was just fine and the colours rich and crisp. The old side of a town is among my favorite place to shoot and I must admit that this one was just great, like no other I’ve seen before. Beside that, the subjects were fantastic, they were both fun and romantic, and this makes life easier for every photographer.
Wedding reception was at Tenimento San Giuseppe, a wonderful villa surrounded by nature. The wedding couple and all their guests were just amazing at creating fun moments for me to capture. I have been truly inspired by this wedding and delighted to be their wedding photographer in Apulia.

Discreto, disponibile, tranquillo, professionale e capace di capire tutte le nostre necessità!Il suo eccellente lavoro riassume tutte queste caratteristiche! Sono contentissima della scelta e in futuro quando ne avrò ancora bisogno non avrò dubbi sulla scelta!

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