Elopement Photographer in Amalfi Coast – Sarah & RyanPraiano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Elopement Photographer in Praiano Amalfi Coast

Sarah and Ryan eloped in Praiano at the Grand Hotel Tritone. It was such a pleasure to be a witness of this love story as their elopement photographer in Amalfi Coast. They are a romantic young couple from California who have chose the charm of the Amalfi Coast as a destination for their love dream. There was just the two of them, other than me and the celebrant. And of course the magic of the Amalfi Coast, which certainly needs no introduction. Alone in a lovely place. Could a wedding be more romantic than that? The date was set on the first day of autumn, hence the warm hues of the landscape had just grown colder, giving those bright colours an extra touch of pastel shades.

A Very Intimate Ceremony at the Grand Hotel Tritone

After getting ready, Sarah asked me what would be the best place where to set up the floral arch and celebrate the wedding. So with the help of the hotel staff, I suggested a small terrace just facing a stunning view of Praiano. She wanted the ceremony to be intimate and just like a dream, so, to set the mood, Ryan put on some background music with some of their favourite love songs, making the atmosphere even more romantic. What a fairy tale! That was for sure one of the sweetest weddings I was about to see.
After that, I scouted the area in the search of some of the best spots for the photos. There were plenty of them all around to choose from.

Moody Elopement Photography on Amalfi Coast

When it comes to shooting a wedding, an elopement, or just a portrait session, as a wedding photographer I must take into account and evaluate the light condition of the environment. A good rule of thumb, in fact, is to work with post-production in mind. For this reason, I shoot having in mind the type of post production that I think is most appropriate for the event, and most of all the mood I want to give to the story.

Weather and light seemed ideal to get a moody and dark look at the editing stage. The light was no harsh, so the lack of deep shadows or sharp contrast helped a lot to get the look that I was after. Furthermore, air was just crisp and was no haze or mist. A thin layer of clouds let through a soft light, which is a condition that every wedding photographer loves. Also, it was neither too hot nor cold. Just perfect. The result is romantic images that tell the true nature of the couple and show the feel of the place.

I could not recommend Guido enough! He is an incredible photographer who captured our day so perfectly. He is professional, responsive and wonderful to work with. On the day of our wedding, he helped us coordinate the perfect place for our ceremony and all of the special spots for pictures around the venue. It would not have been the same without him!

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