Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer Guido Tramontano Guerritore

I am a documentary wedding photographer based on Amalfi Coast, serving wedding destinations such as Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Tuscany, Apulia. I work throughout Italy and worldwide.
My work is an expression of what I am most passionate about: storytelling, simplicity and human interaction. I see beauty in everything, everyone. My aim is to reflect the true essence of the couple by capturing their genuine emotions.

I love catching candid moments such as tears, laughs, and joy. For most of the day I’ll be on the hunt for emotions to capture, to ensure that those feelings live forever through my lens.
I don’t use to stage or set up the scene. My belief is that a wedding is a story that needs to be told with truthfulness. However, I know that there is always a must take photo list, and  will ensure that all of those shots are taken.

My goal is to create a true story made of engaging images that will make you relive the magic of your special day. Therefore, I shoot each wedding with a creative approach, working only with available light, and focusing on strong and artistic compositions. My approach is relaxed and, above all, unobtrusive. I document both the fun and romance of the wedding day as it unfolds, without interfering with the events. As a result, most of the time you will barely notice that I am even there, but you can be sure that every moment is being captured.

To get an idea about the style, check out my wedding portfolio, a collection of images that best represent my vision. I hope my style is what you are looking for. If so, just drop me a line, I can’t wait to hearing your story and start working together!
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Relive your wedding day. Forever.

It’s not the camera, nor the lens. It’s not about technique or post production.
It’s your heart that makes a great photo.