amalfi coast wedding photographer
a flower girl shows her dislike for a wedding couple kissing
the hug of a wedding couple at sunset
faceless portrait of a wedding couple in a garden in ravello on the amalfi coast
a wedding couple at dusk with blurred city lights in the background
portrait of wedding couple looking in opposite directions in a typical Apulia town
a bride is moved as she reads the wedding promise in a Ravello church on the amalfi coast
a child stumbles over the bride's veil during a wedding ceremony
a bride admires her wedding dress hanging on the window at hotel tramonto d'oro on the amalfi coast
a wedding couple on a staircase on a steep cliff in the amalfi coast
an elderly lady meets the newlyweds at the doorstep of her house on the Amalfi coast
wedding shoes in the foreground and a wedding couple at sunset in the background on the amalfi coast
people throwing a lot of rice over a wedding couple in Maiori in Amalfi coast
a stolen shot of the bride and a friend hugging at a wedding in tuscany
crowd surrounding a bride and her father climbing the stairs of Amalfi cathedral in amalfi coast
portrait showing half of a bride's face while being made up
people dancing at a wedding party at Ravello hotel parsifal in Amalfi coast
wedding couple kissing on the pier in amalfi with the town of atrani in the background
romantic moment at sunset of a wedding couple in apulia with a seascape in the background
guest in the swimming pool at a wedding reception in tuscany
hindu bride and english groom in walking in ravello amalfi coast
portrait of a wedding couple at their first dance
portrait of a bride looking at her bouquet at hotel tritone in amalfi coast
bride and her father at a wedding in tuscany countryside
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reflection of a wedding couple by the infinite pool at ravello hotel caruso in amalfi coast
family awaiting for the first look of a bride walking down the stairs
wedding couple portrait at sunset in tuscany countryside
guests on the dance floor at a wedding party in amalfi coast
a wedding couple in the town of peschici in apulia, italy
wedding couple running on the road in cilento
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wedding couple on the balcony at villa scarpariello in amalfi coast
the bride funny disappointment after she has seen a gift for her husband
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bride meeting grandmother at a wedding in apulia
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bride kissing groom's hand at a wedding ceremony
closeup portrait of a bride who wears makeup
bride and groom portrait with a blurred background of amalfi town
bride and groom drink beer while relaxing at a ravello pub in amalfi coast
wedding couple walking on the beach at sunset
a funny moment of a friend of the groom who is trying to make him smile by forcing a smile on his face with her hands
a wedding couple romantic moment with trees lit in golden light in the background
profile portrait of a bride while being put on makeup
wedding couple exit toss and a crowdy background
wedding couple watching the sun setting in cilento
bride getting ready at hotel tramonto d'oro on amalfi coast
a wedding couple dancing inside a heart shaped area outlined with candles
low-key portrait of a bride while wearing makeup

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

Guido Tramontano Guerritore

Relive Your Wedding Day in Amalfi Coast. Forever

You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Candid Wedding Photography in Amalfi Coast

Although I have been working here for many years as an Amalfi Coast photographer, I am fully aware of the privilege of living in such an extraordinary place, and that few locations are as enticing as the Amalfi Coast for a dream wedding in Italy.

Whether you are looking for an Amalfi wedding photographer, Ravello, Sorrento, Capri, or a Positano wedding photographer who documents your special day, you will need an experienced wedding photographer who intimately knows the Amalfi Coast and its thousands secrets inside out.

Ravello Wedding Photographer

Whether you choose the breathtaking views of Villa Cimbrone, or the lush gardens and intimacy of the Hotel Caruso, or perhaps the exclusive charm of Palazzo Avino as a setting for your Italian wedding in Ravello, I will contextualize your unique love story embedded with the fairy-tale scenery of the Amalfi Coast, creating timeless dream wedding photography.

A Look Beyond the Ordinary

“The wedding dress hanging from that tree branch looks awesome. That close-up of the wedding rings nicely settled on a lovely invitation card is so nice. Not to talk about that wedding wreath that decorates the hair of the little flower girls.
Group shots are also gorgeous, and the moment the bride says “I do” is so emotional.”

But is wedding photography all about that? Not at all. There is much more, there are things words can’t tell, and then there is all the in-between moments.

My Vision as an Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

I love capturing all those fleeting precious moments and details that enrich and make a difference in telling a story. What would the story be like if what’s around it weren’t told?
So if candid wedding photography is your thing, we are on the same wavelength. You only need the expert eye of a skilled documentary wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast.

Yes, candid photography is key to me. No fear though, the wedding dress and the shoes, rings and bouquet, as well as table decors, boutonniere, cake and the like, all of that will have photos taken. I also focus on romantic portraits of the couple.
So staged photos are welcome, as long as they are taken in a creative way and not awkwardly staged.
Still, I will focus on telling a story inside the story, the honest emotion of wedding couples and their loved ones.

For over 15 years, I have been giving memories to couples spread across the world, always rising above their expectations when it comes to an Amalfi Coast wedding. Read what clients say.

Amalfi Coast Photographer: Behind The Scenes

The way I work is all about letting the events of the day to unfold just naturally, while I blend into the background and capture all those candid moments filled with love and joy, with tears, and laughter.
To put it in other words, I tell real, genuine stories from behind the scenes. I especially love freezing those in-between moments and details that easily go unnoticed in the hustle of the wedding day.

Emotions Drive Me

There are few things that I value more than REAL moments. Therefore, I class myself as a documentary wedding photographer with a distinctive photojournalism style. Above all, I treat photography as the art form it should be and not just a business.

Needless to say, but I love my job and I take it very seriously as I am aware of the importance of my task, which is to preserve some of the most important moments in a couple’s life.
Bring out the romance of the wedding day as well as the true essence of couples is key to me. And if you add a stunning location like many in the Amalfi Coast, then a great result is guaranteed.

Going Unnoticed

I will use my discretion throughout the day, and above all an unobtrusive approach to capture the genuine emotions, without asking to pretend or pose awkwardly in front of the camera.

As an experienced wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast, for most of the wedding day you won’t even notice that I’m there, but know that every moment is being captured.

Relive The Magic of your Amalfi Coast Wedding

My goal is simple, yet ambitious at the same time: to frame your love with engaging wedding photography that stand out and evoke emotions. Not just photos, but memories to cherish for a lifetime. Those that will make you relive the magic of your special day.

To reach this goal I approach every wedding with a creative and unique vision that conforms to the style of the wedding. I’m not fond of artificial lights, hence I work only with available light, staying all day focused to find myself in the right place at the right time, and creating strong and artistic compositions.

Who’s Behind the Lens

Amalfi Coast based wedding photographer. Passionate musician and chess addicted. Relaxed and easy going. Always striving to artfully capture moments that tell a story. In love with this planet and natural light.

When not shooting or editing weddings, he can often be found exploring remote places in search of dramatic landscapes to photograph, climbing mountains, chasing sunrise and sunset, or perhaps freezing in the snow waiting for the Northern Lights.

More about me