Mixed Wedding in Amalfi Coast – Tran & RobMaiori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Mixed Wedding in Amalfi Coast

Love knows no boundaries. Tran and Rob’s mixed wedding in Amalfi Coast was a meeting between two distant and different cultures, Vietnamese and English. They had a very intimate and lovely wedding at the Torre Normanna, a romantic venue settled on a rocky cliff by the sea on the the Amalfi Coast. They had a brief ceremony on an open-air terrace just in front of the sea, where the couple met just after getting ready in the nearby town. Their families and friends felt very comfortable among themselves, and so I had a clear feeling that we all speak the same language in this world, although with different words.

Intimacy and Romance

Intimate small weddings very often turn out to be gorgeous, and this was no exception. Furthermore, the wedding photographer can work in a more relaxed way, thus giving him more possibilities to be creative. Although they decided not to go around for a photo shooting, we managed to take some time for a few portraits at the venue. We went all the way down the stairs of the tower just by the water and had a relaxed photo-session. The party was also very intimate. No dance floor but just a romantic first dance and a relaxed dinner with their families and friends.