Wedding in Puglia – Sarah & MichelePeschici, Puglia, Italy

A magic day in Peschici – Wedding Photographer in Puglia.

Puglia is becoming more and more a popular wedding destination, and as a photographer I can see why. With its untouched raw lands, this region can turn a wedding into a fairy tale.
It was one of the hottest September day I can remember, but the wedding of Sarah and Michele has been very enjoyable, and one of the most felt I’ve had the pleasure to witness. The pandemic wasn’t enough to break their long awaited dream, despite Puglia was among the most affected regions.
I left the day before to reach the venue, driving through the spectacular Gargano National Park. Peschici is a vibrant and picturesque small town rich in life and full of colours, and above all a dream place for a romantic wedding. Perched above a karst spur facing the turquoise sea, it has amazing views of the coastline and tempting beaches all around.

Street photography – wedding reportage in Puglia

After the ceremony, held in the main church of the town, we had a nice walk, strolling up and down through the narrow and picturesque alleys of the town. Not surprisingly, I soon realised that just every corner in the town had great chances for photography.
The vibrant blue and white colours reminiscent of greek villages, the quaint shops and, on top of that, the warm afternoon light were a perfect mix for a wedding photoshoot. For a moment I feared that my memory cards weren’t enough to store all the photos I was taking. There was really too much to photograph!

While the bride and groom were enjoying their relaxed walk, I kept running back and forth around them to take advantage of different perspectives. Every little step I made turned out to be another nice chance to shoot. In addition, the guys were so natural that there was no need to say a word to to them. We also passed through the town’s center and had time to stop for a drink and to take a break. In the end, the walk was so nice that I no longer felt the fatigue and heat.

A romantic photoshoot at sunset

After an hour or so, we moved to a place that they had chosen in advance to have pictures taken at sunset. They brought me to a stunning wild place on the coast with breathtaking views. The typical steep escarpments and jagged and windswept stretch of coast turned out to be such a romantic backdrop at sunset. A shy sun showed behind the mist that softened the light, thus making the atmosphere look surreal and dreamlike.
I love backlit photos with such conditions because you can get soft and contrasted images at the same time. Also, the sea sparkling under the sun’s rays in the background made up an enchanting scenery. In conclusion, I must say that I could not be more happy with the result.

Guido è un fotografo eccezionale che sa cogliere l'attimo! Niente di banale e di scontato, o pose costruite, ma un vero photoreporter che sa rendere immortali i ricordi e farli rivivere da una prospettiva diversa.Simpatico, disponibile e professionale, saprà venire in contro alle vostre esigenze e suggerire le soluzioni migliori.È stato il fotografo del nostro matrimonio e continuiamo a guardare incantati le sue foto.Grazie Guido!

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