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Sophia & MatsTuscany, Italy

Tuscany Wedding Photographer - Sophia & Mats
Sophia and Mats are a young couple from Germany. They are in love with the Tuscan countryside, which indeed turned out to be the perfect place for their wedding. The feast began the night before with an open-air welcome dinner where they met all of their guests at Locanda Rossa, a farm house of peaceful and understated elegance, dipped in the green in the Tuscan hills[...]

Marilisa & FrancescoApulia - Italy

Apulia Wedding Photographer - Marilisa & Francesco
Marilisa and Francesco are the type of couple I would like to work with at every wedding. So natural, loving and expressive, and they love photography! They wanted me to be their wedding photographer in Apulia because they were after someone who would document the event in a candid style. In my view, storytelling is the way to shoot weddings, and if all the couples we[...]

Silke & AntonioCilento National Park

Wedding Photographer in Cilento - Silke & Antonio
The Cilento National Park is a place like no other for those who want a rustic wedding. Silke and Antonio are a young Italian-Dutch couple. Despite living in the Netherlands, she willingly agreed to celebrate the big day in Italy. The couple was looking for a wedding photographer in Cilento who would document the day with candid shots, focusing on the romance and the [...]