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A romantic wedding in the wonderful Napoli

The wedding of Martina and Raf was unforgettable. Although they live in Belgium, they chose the vibrant city of Napoli — Martina’s hometown, as a place to celebrate their big day. They got to know me through Fearless Photographers, a community of the most valuable wedding photographers around the world, since they were looking for a documentary wedding photographer for their big day in Napoli.

Naples is a well-known city for its vibrant life, but even more it is famous for its architectural charm, a feature that makes it unique in the world. Hence, shooting such a romantic couple in such a charming place was quite inspiring, and a lot of fun.

The Wedding Day In Napoli

The day started at Raf’s hotel where he was getting ready together with friends and family. The atmosphere was so exciting that I immediately guessed that it was going to be a memorable day.
After the photos with the groom, the filmmaker and I went to Martina’s, where we found an even more exciting mood. One of the things that stuck with me about the day, was the compliments that Martina made me. In fact, as soon as I arrived, she told me she had chosen me as a wedding photographer among many available in Napoli. The compliments were sincere, and enticed me even more to do my best to give her a great photo reportage to cherish for a lifetime.

The ceremony was in San Francesco di Paola, a charming neoclassic style cathedral set in one of the most famous places of the city — Piazza del Plebiscito. The ring exchange was moving and heart-felt. During the ceremony we also had a chance for drone footage showing the stunning urban scenery from the sky.
After the ceremony, the guys were ready for the photo shoot, eager to have their photos taken.

A romantic photo shoot in the streets of Napoli

We got started with a nice walk on the promenade to Castel dell’Ovo together with some of their friends. That Place is great! The castle is quietly set on an islet that can be reached by crossing a nice stone bridge. While the guys walked through the bridge, I saw a wonderful light filtering through the buildings which created stunning backlighting. So I asked them to stop there for a while. The bride and groom were so romantic, and gave me so many great chances to shoot, that I ended up filling a whole memory card in less than one hour.

A stunning Reception Venue

The wedding party was no exception to a wonderful day. It was at San Francesco al Monte, an exclusive open-air venue, with stunning views on the city and the gulf.

The view from the wide terrace of the hotel is impressive, mostly at dusk, when the city lights turn on. It is pure magic, and a great spot where I’m sure every wedding photographer in Napoli would love to shoot. So I set up for some portraits of the couple, taking advantage of the city lights in the background. Since it had to be done in very low light, the shooting was not an easy task, also because I was using a tele lens. Nevertheless, that time I managed to get one of my favorite shots ever.
We also had time for more drone footage of the venue and the city by night. At the end of a great day, the exquisite cuisine and some great live music were just the cherry on top.

Il matrimonio é uno tra gli eventi più intensi e ricchi di emozioni che due innamorati possano vivere ed é per questo che si cerca sempre di custodire nel proprio cuore e nella propria memoria quanti più ricordi possibile. Grazie alle fotografie scattate da Guido in quella giornata indimenticabile, quei fantastici ricordi hanno preso di nuovo forma e colore. Ogni volta che sfogliamo le pagine del nostro magnifico album e rivediamo quelle foto, il cuore inizia a scalpitare e le emozioni irrefrenabili di quella giornata ci travolgono proprio come allora! Le cose che ci hanno colpito di più di Guido sono la sua innata calma (che in giornata cosi movimentata come quella del matrimonio, male non fa!), una indiscussa professionalità e bravura, ma soprattutto la sua gentilezza e sensibilità, sia umana che artistica. Possiamo dire con fermezza che grazie al nostro matrimonio abbiamo non solo conosciuto un fotografo bravissimo, ma soprattutto una persona che portiamo nel cuore e che sicuramente avremo il piacere di rivedere all'opera in altri momenti importanti della nostra vita. Guido, grazie di cuore e a presto.Martina & Raf, nozze 29 Giugno 2018

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