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A chic wedding in Praiano Amalfi Coast

Planning a destination wedding in Amalfi Coast from the United States can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, Anna and Dario did it very well, and they managed to give the wedding exactly the mood they wanted. It was chic and romantic, as well as casual and fun. They reached out to me well in advance, when they were looking for a wedding photographer in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast. They wanted a natural storytelling for their wedding, captured in a candid way, with a pure reportage style. Above all, they asked me to be as unobtrusive as possible. I said that’s exactly what I do. So, after going through my portfolio, a few days later they contacted me again and said I was the right one.

As a visual storyteller, I am always excited to work with those who appreciate and seek candid style photo. That, in fact, makes me feel even more creative and confident to deliver what clients expect from me. Anna and Dario were the kind of people just described.

The Getting Ready

Wedding getting ready photos are important, and should never be missing, because they tell a story within a story. They are just like the beginning of a movie — you wouldn’t want to watch it starting in the middle.

Dario was getting ready at his parents’ house, a nice villa in Praiano set on a cliff near the sea. When I got there, they were all buzzing with preparations, so I started taking pictures even before he realised I was there. Everyone was so excited that they didn’t even seem to care I was there. It was a lot of fun capturing the anxious excitement.

As soon as I finished with him, I ran to the bride who was staying at Hotel Tramonto D’oro. It is one of my favourite venues in Amalfi Coast, because it’s located in a great position to enjoy spectacular sunsets.
Anna was getting her hair and makeup done when I showed up at her hotel room. Even here the anxious excitement was high, especially when her soon-to-be mother in law brought her the bouquet. The father of the bride first look was also touching.

A long wedding photoshoot in Praiano

After the rings exchange at the San Gennaro church in Praiano, the bride and groom were ready for what was going to be a long photo shoot. They had a long list of all the spots where they wanted to have pictures taken.
We got started with a relaxed walk in the town, stopping here and there for some candid portraits. The couple was gorgeous, and I liked how they were relaxed and casual while I kept shooting. That made the photos just natural and informal as they wanted.

We then moved to the upper part of the town, where locals were decorating the main square for the village festival which would start shortly. Having found such a festive atmosphere, the bride and groom had their first dance here, surrounded by people cheering them. The late afternoon light hitting the surrounding cliffs made the whole thing so romantic. While I kept shooting their romance and fun, the guys were so engrossed in their dreams that they didn’t seem to be aware I was there. That is the essence of reportage.

The bridal party

Finally we got back to the hotel, where all guests were waiting for their arrival. The bridal party started right away, and was full of nice and fun moments to capture. Most of all, when the bride performed some music on the piano, astounding everyone with her skill.
The dance party and cake cutting were open-air on a terrace with a stunning view at dusk.

Praiano is really a magic place to plan a memorable wedding, and as a photographer I feel lucky to have the opportunity to come here often and tell unique love stories.

Guido e' un fotografo incredibile, oltre che una persona eccezionale. Il suo operato si puo' riassumere in una sola parola: magia. Guido e' magico durante tutta la cerimonia, perche' la sua discrezione lo rende invisibile agli invitati ed agli sposi. Eppure, lui cattura la vera essenza di quello che accade, e l'anima delle persone che ritrae nelle sue foto. E la magia si completa nella sua abilita' di assemblare degli album fotografici meravigliosi. Assolutamente incredibile.

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