Elite Miss New York gets marriage proposal in AmalfiAmalfi Coast, Italy

A surprise marriage proposal in Amalfi

Alex had a foolproof plan. He wanted to make Adele (2017 Elite Miss New York) a surprise marriage proposal in Amalfi during a trip they had planned to Italy.

To make sure the plan went through, he got in touch with me before they left New York, explaining his plan in details. He wanted me to capture his marriage proposal with candid shots, and above all without Adele noticing me. It sure may sound tricky, but his plan was straightforward. The only thing he wanted me to suggest was a nice spot where you can see Amalfi in the background. I sure had one in mind.
The plan was that we would bump into each other in town, pretending to be old classmates who hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

A chance Encounter

As they arrived in Italy, Alex and I kept in touch until a few minutes before our “chance” encounter. Before we met I was a little skeptical, but to my surprise, I have to say that we have played our part quite well, just like two old friends would.
After chatting for a while, he introduced Adele to me. Then he asked me what I was doing there with a camera. So, as agreed, I told him that I was working on a photo assignment for a local magazine.
Finally, he asked me to take a picture of them, and right after I took the shot, he quickly pulled the ring out of his pocket and proposed to her. Judging by her reaction, there was no doubt that she hadn’t guessed what was about to happen.

Guido is incredibly talented and was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was able to capture our engagement in Amalfi, Italy, which was a complete surprise for me! I couldn't have even imagined how beautiful the photos would come out that he took. Everyone was blown away by them! They look like they are out of a fairytale with how he captured our emotions along with the stunning scenery in the background. I am so happy to have these memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. I truly can't thank Guido enough! I highly recommend him to anyone for their engagement and wedding photos!

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  • Frank scala said:

    I am so happy for my daughter that she found a wonderful, hard working, loving and caring man. Her soulmate !!

  • marilyn lisa said:

    Unlike anything I've ever seen...What a cherished memory. Every blessing to you both. I am so trilled for you...A long life filled with joy, happiness and good health. My heartfelt best wishes... Congratulations! Xoxox