Destination Wedding photographer – Adele & AlexFidenza - Italy

Destination wedding photographer in Fidenza

A year later the engagement photo session of Adele and Alex that I shot in Amalfi I got a call from Alex. He wanted me to shoot their wedding. It was going to be in one of the most ravishing castles in Italy. I was quite happy to accept, despite having another wedding 700 miles away right the day before. I drove all night and only slept a few hours, but I was sure it would be worth it. The wedding, indeed, was one of the finest, with exciting moments that followed one another throughout the day. Since I had met them the year before, I knew that their wedding would have been a nice opportunity to me as destination wedding photographer. They were one of those sparkling couples that I love to shoot.

The big day

Alex and Adele planned their destination wedding in Fidenza with perfection in mind, and so I must say that they did quite a great job. They chose indeed the very best venues for the big day. The cathedral of Fidenza is one of the most gorgeous churches I’ve ever seen. Not to talk about the venue for the party, which was an impressive medieval castle settled on a hill in the countryside not far from the city. They arrived to the castle in a luxurious vintage car, which was just perfect for the location. Also, they arrived just before the golden hour, the best time for a photo shoot. So we went around for the photos right away. Above all, the place was quite inspiring, with the ancient walls of the castle lit by the warm light of sunset. And in addition to that, lush green all around, just great.

The grand finale

The long awaited party finally started. There was an open-air dinner followed by the dance party in the courtyard of the castle. It was not easy to shoot people dancing outdoor in the dark and moving fast, but in the end the pictures came out very nice. The day ended with gorgeous fireworks right after the cake cutting.

Guido is incredibly talented and was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was able to capture our engagement in Amalfi, Italy, which was a complete surprise for me! I couldn't have even imagined how beautiful the photos would come out that he took. Everyone was blown away by them! They look like they are out of a fairytale with how he captured our emotions along with the stunning scenery in the background. I am so happy to have these memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. I truly can't thank Guido enough! I highly recommend him to anyone for their engagement and wedding photos!

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