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The perfect moment

Awarded by Masters of Italian Wedding Photography, Fearless Photographers and other photo competitions, this wedding reportage image has been choosen as favourite by jury member Pedro Cabrera. Read full story here:

I knew this naughty boy would have been of great help for my reportage image archive, I realized that as soon as I met him at bride’s home, so I kept an eye on him all day. Well actually he was not really naughty, I would rather say “hyperactive”. Whatever the term anyway, his best performance was certainly during the ceremony. What better place than a huge church marble flooring to run and play? I took my telelens and ran down from the altar to the main entrance quickly as soon as he started performing, sure to catch a good shot. I am glad I did. Often times a photojournalist is supposed not only to pull the trigger at the right moment, but to predict that something is going to happen. Luckily, the veil of the bride did not fall on the floor.