Sorrento Wedding Photographer – Arianna & TrevorSorrento, Italy

A Classy English Wedding in Sorrento

Nothing was missing on the special day of Arianna and Trevor. It was a mix of love, joy, elegance and most of all a lot of fun. Despite an intimate wedding, to which attended only their closest friends and relatives, they didn’t leave anything up to chance. I got to know them while they were looking for a wedding photographer in Sorrento who would document the day with a mix of candid, staged and formal photos, with candids being the main style. They had quite precise ideas on the type of photos they wanted, and engaged me right after they checked out my portfolio as they found the style they were looking for in there.

An elegant unique venue for an open-air wedding

Villa Oasi Olimpia is a luxury villa surrounded by green and rich gardens very well-kept, just great for weddings. Furthermore, due to the high position, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the gulf and the majestic mount Vesuvio. As I arrived, Trevor took me around so that I could spot the best viewpoints for photos. Although a warm sunny day in mid October, light was good due to the rain from the previous days which cleared up haze and made the air just crisp. Thankfully, the lack of haze saved the photoshoot, since otherwise nothing would have been visible in the distance. And even worse, I would have had to work hard in post-production to remove it.

The ceremony was open-air, under a large gazebo just facing a gorgeous view. The officiant was the bride’s grandfather, so it was quite heart-felt. Right after the ceremony the couple and their friends almost kidnapped me, eager to have as many photos taken as possible. So after some formal family shots we went around the villa and its gardens for the photoshoot. Along the way, Trevor found a vintage scooter that wanted to try. To everyone’s surprise, he jumped on it and rode quite fast standing on his feet on the seat. Everybody had so much fun so I shot quite a lot, while they didn’t seem to have enough. It was nice to be their wedding photographer in this beautiful villa in Sorrento.

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