Tuscany Wedding Photographer – Sophia & MatsTuscany, Italy

A rustic destination wedding in Tuscany

Getting back to Tuscany as a wedding photographer always fills me with excitement. I have the privilege to know Tuscany well as I regularly travel there to run landscape workshops. There’s no need to say that no other place in the world is like Tuscany. Hence, it comes as no surprise that couples from all around the world come here to celebrate their big day.

Sophia and Mats are a young couple from Germany. They are in love with the Tuscan countryside, which indeed turned out to be the perfect place for their wedding. The feast began the night before with an open-air welcome dinner where they met all of their guests at Locanda Rossa, a farm house of peaceful and understated elegance, dipped in the green in the Tuscan hills of Maremma. Mats works as a coach and mentor for tennis athletes around the world, hence the choice to celebrate their wedding on a tennis court, which has been quite a cool and unique idea. Here the ceremony was brief but quite heartfelt and full of emotions and love. A musician friend of the couple also performed some fine music on the keyboards, making the moment even more emotional.

Golden hour in the tuscan countryside

Although a good photo can be taken just everywhere regardless of the environment, there is no doubt that a nice setting can greatly help get photos that make a difference. In this regard Tuscany really shines. Not surprisingly many film directors have used the Tuscan countryside as a setting for their movies. In my view, as a wedding and landscape photographer, the unmatched beauty of Tuscany has no rivals when it comes to take photos. Right after the ceremony the couple and guests met up for a cocktail hour by the pool. They spent quite some time there, thus allowing the harsh light of the afternoon to fade and get warmer. That was exactly what I was hoping for, so we could start the photo shoot right by the golden hour. The staff at Locanda Rossa provided us with a golf cart to go around scouting the best spots.

The light was thrilling so we went back and forth from place to place to make the most of it. There was plenty of choice all around us and I made my best to shoot as much as I could within the shortest time, as light would have lasted only briefly. The guys were just great, providing a lot of chances for photography. Right after sunset we finally got back to the farm for the wedding dinner and the party.

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