Positano Wedding Photographer – Adrienne & SebastianPositano, Amalfi Coast

An intimate romantic wedding in Positano

It’s no wonder Positano is one of the world’s most sought after wedding locations. Nearly every corner in the town is a great setting for the photos of your special day. Adrienne and Sebastian had a symbolic ceremony at Villa dei Fisici that they rented in the “Jewel of the Amalfi Coast”. It was an intimate and romantic wedding, with only their families and of course me as their Positano wedding photographer. The venue they chose for the big day was indeed a wise decision. The villa, in fact, sets in a strategic position, facing one of the most enchanting scenery in the world. The couple and their families could enjoy a great view over the picturesque town of Positano and a glistening sea. The atmosphere was relaxed and romantic, and on top of that the weather was just fine.

They had planned everything down to the last detail for an open air intimate wedding. Most of all, they wanted a Positano wedding photographer who would shoot the wedding with a non intrusive approach. Someone who would just be able to document all the emotions and the best moments from the outside. So after an elegant ceremony, the couple chose not to go around the town for a photo shooting, just to relax at the villa, enjoying the fine food and a gorgeous view at sunset. After all, the villa itself was quite perfect as a backdrop for their photos. Positano is a truly unforgettable place to exchange your rings, with its terraces overlooking the rooftops of the town and stunning views, both by day and by night.