A Wedding at Hotel Belmond Caruso – Maria Giovanna & AlessandroRavello - Amalfi Coast

An Elegant wedding at Belmond Hotel Caruso

When I first met Maria Giovanna and Alessandro, I soon realized that they had big plans for their wedding at Hotel Caruso. They aimed for perfection, so nothing was left to chance, not even the smallest detail. Most of all, their main goal for the big day was to have great photos and video, since they are both into photography. So, finding the right photographer for their wedding in Ravello was a must. I showed them my portfolio, as well as pictures from other weddings, and as the slideshow ended, they said that was exactly what they were looking for.

Their wedding was intimate and elegant, but also genuine and fun, attended by a lot of nice friends and colleagues. The atmosphere was exciting, thrill and love were in the air from the very beginning of the day. Just what I needed to be inspired!

A Pure Reportage Style Photo Shoot

The ceremony took place in Santa Maria a Gradillo, a small and elegant church dated back to the 11th century. Here, other than the rings, the couple exchanged many tender glances, allowing me to capture pure emotion. After the ceremony everything unfolded just naturally, which is exactly what I want for my candid reportage style.

At first we just went around for a walk in the town together with their friends. Right after we went to the Principessa di Piemonte town hall gardens, a small intimate open air terrace with lovely gardens and stunning views. It’s quite a perfect backdrop for wedding photography, one of those places that you can’t really miss. Moreover, the late afternoon light was soft and warm, and the view from the terrace breathtaking.
We spent quite a bit of time on site. The bride and groom were all alone, and despite the small place, I took photos of them from afar, to leave them as much intimacy as possible. Before getting back to the hotel for the bridal party, the bride and groom went for a romantic ride on a Vespa through the town.

A Dream Party at Hotel Caruso

The Belmond Caruso Hotel is probably the most luxurious and charming venue you can ask for on the whole Amalfi Coast. Set on a cliff edge about 300 meters above sea level, it has a little bit of everything you could want. Well-kept century-old intimate gardens, soul-stirring views of the coastline, olive and lemon groves all around, but above all the Infinity Pool, an architectural masterpiece which seems to be suspended in the clouds.
The dance party by the pool was enjoyable, and gave me lots of chances to shoot. The guests and the wedding couple kept dancing until the band stopped playing late at night.

As a result of such a rich day, filled with joy and emotion, the photos tell a pleasant story that genuinely represent the couple and the atmosphere of the day.

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