Wedding Photographer in Maiori – Stephanie & AlessandroAmalfi Coast, Italy

Wedding photographer in Maiori, Amalfi Coast

I am back to the Amalfi Coast again, this time as a wedding photographer in Maiori.

Stephanie and Alessandro’s big day has been one of the most romantic ever. One of those weddings where you can breath love and joy in the air. Can a photographer ask for more? What I liked the most, however, were the emotions in the glances that the bride and groom exchanged all the time. These are, in fact, just the kind of situations where I mostly like to shoot. Furthermore, they gave me full confidence from the first moment when we met. In fact, they made no special requests, on the contrary, they would just let me shoot the wedding according to my vision of it. This gave me the freedom to shoot the wedding the way it should be, which is to say in a pure candid style. As a result, the wedding has been lovely and the photos came out very well.

The wedding day

Despite Alessandro and Stephanie lived in north of Italy, they chose the charming town of Maiori on the Amalfi Coast as a venue to celebrate their big day. First of all, there was a very heart-felt ceremony in the beautiful church of San Francescoin Maiori. Most noteworthy was also the place they chose for the wedding party, which was the romantic Torre Normanna. It is a small but enchanting tower perched on the sheer rocks just by the sea. The view of the sea and the coast you can see from there leave you breathless.

The bride and groom arrived at the tower by rowing boat, which left them on a tiny beach where they had an aperitif. To welcome them there were musicians playing folk music. The day was quite pleasant, although one of the hottest of that summer. Most of all, however, it was much enjoyed by the couple and all of their friends who had followed them to the Amalfi Coast. At the end of a lovely day, there was a nice dance party on a terrace with stunning views at night. And after the cutting of the cake there was also a firework show.

Ad immortalare il nostro giorno più bello abbiamo scelto Guido Tramontano, suggerito dalla nostra wedding planner. Guido è un vero professionista, come lo definiscono le altre recensioni, un fotografo "fantasma", pochi si sono accorti della sua presenza, eppure ha saputo catturare i momenti più belli e le emozioni più forti del nostro sogno fantastico. Ha saputo raccontare attraverso il suo servizio una vera e propria favola con delle foto bellissime. Scegliere le foto per il nostro fotolibro è stato davvero complicato perché ogni foto era spontaneamente perfetta. Ringraziamo Guido e il suo staff eccezionale per la sua grandissima professionalità e disponibilità...CONSIGLIATISSIMO!!!

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