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Maria Giovanna & AlessandroRavello - Amalfi Coast

A Wedding at Hotel Belmond Caruso - Maria Giovanna & Alessandro
When I first met Maria Giovanna and Alessandro, I soon realized that they had big plans for their wedding. They aimed for perfection, so nothing was left to chance, not even the smallest detail. Most of all, their main goal for the big day was to have great photos and video, since they are both into photography. So, finding the right photographer for their wedding in [...]

Daisy & Jean PaulRavello - Amalfi Coast

Italian Wedding Photographer - Daisy & Jean Paul
Daisy got in touch with me through Fearless Photographers, an international wedding photojournalists association of which I am a membership. Jean Paul and Daisy are a very nice couple from Cape Town in South Africa. They were looking for an italian wedding photographer who would shoot their special day in a candid style. A photographer to document the atmosphere and t[...]