Italian Wedding Photographer – Daisy & Jean PaulRavello - Amalfi Coast

Italian Wedding Photographer captures an intimate south african wedding in Ravello

Daisy got in touch with me through Fearless Photographers, an international wedding photojournalists association of which I am a membership. Jean Paul and Daisy are a very nice couple from Cape Town in South Africa. They were looking for an italian wedding photographer who would shoot their special day in a candid style. A photographer to document the atmosphere and the fun of their guests coming from all around the world.

They didn’t want staged photos, so decided to hire me after they checked my portfolio. The way we got in touch was quite unusual. Fearless membership photographers, in fact, have to reply to requests entered by the clients in order to be contacted, but for some reason I missed the request. So Daisy sent me an email pointing out that she wrote her request on the website, thus I realized that I was the only photographer who did not reply to her request.

A luxury venue for a luxury wedding

Both the civil wedding and the party took place in the gardens of the Hotel Belmond Caruso in Ravello. The wedding was quite enjoyable, it was fresh, elegant and fun at the same time.
As soon as the party was over and the music stopped, the couple and their guests didn’t seem they got enough of fun, so they decided to continue with the the party at a nearby disco in town, and they were so kind to invite me and the filmmaker to join the group for more fun. We would have liked to accept their invite if we were not so tired after a full day of work. I must say that the day has been truly memorable in every way, and most of all, the venue was without a doubt the right choice for this wedding.

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