Wedding photography on the Amalfi Coast

Wedding photography on the Amalfi Coast:
where dream weddings come true.

You can’t get more magical or romantic than The Amalfi Coast when it comes to choosing a location for your wedding.
Considered one of the world’s most renown and picturesque destinations, it is no surprise couples from all over the world choose to celebrate their special day here.
The scenery is stunning, with paths and roads that curve round cliffs offering magnificent views in all directions. Due to its identity uniqueness, in 1997 the Amalfi Coast has been included in the Unesco World Heritage list.
Here all the towns are true gems, and each of them has its distinctive characteristic. Amalfi, Ravello, Praiano and Positano make the Amalfi Coast one of the most engaging destinations for those who want to live unique moments and unforgettable emotions at their wedding. Therefore, you can’t go wrong doing your wedding photography on the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast is much more than just dazzling blue bays, soul-stirring views, and picturesque pastel-hued villages embedded into the cliffs – it’s also culture, art, history, and fabulous food, all wrapped up in dolce vita idleness.

Yes, the Amalfi Coast is truly like nowhere else in the world. That’s why choosing a venue among many might be not an easy choice.


Given that there are really no reasons to prefer some places over others in the Amalfi Coast, the decision only comes down to a personal taste. If you have already been to the Amalfi Coast, you might probably have felt in love with a particular venue. In this case, just follow your heart and you can be sure you won’t regret. If you haven’t been there before, no fear, following is a shortlist of places to consider for your dream wedding pictures on the Amalfi Coast. They are in no particular order, I just selected a few places that I consider among the most seductive, photography-wise. Along with each place, I will also try to describe their main features, hoping to help you decide which ones would best suit you.


It’s the coast’s main town, once the capital of a powerful maritime republic. The village is teemed with tourists throughout the year, which could be very interesting for wedding street photography. In the main square of the town is the Amalfi Cathedral, an exquisitely ornate 9th-century church that dominates Amalfi. With its striped marble facades and wide, steep steps, it’s no doubt a wonderful place to have pictures taken.

Another place not to be missed for a photo shoot in Amalfi is the town’s pier. A short walk just above the water takes you to the tip of the pier, from where you have three different breathtaking views: the small town of Atrani perched on the cliff on one side, Amalfi itself in the middle, and a nice glimpse on the coast on the opposite side in the background.


Unlike Amalfi, Ravello is much more quiet. Nonetheless it can be quite buzzing with activity in high season. Of all the wonderful towns and villages along the Amalfi Coast, perhaps none is as cultured, refined, and romantic as Ravello. An oasis of calm and beauty nestled high in the hills, the town is replete with art, awesome gardens, and heart-stopping views of the dazzling landscape below.

Ravello offers countless opportunities for wedding photography at just every corner of the town. Tree-lined cobblestone alleys, quaint shops, and above all luxurious gardens, such as those at Villa Rufolo</strong and Villa Cimbrone. Particularly noticeable is the palatial gardens of Villa Cimbrone where you can admire some of the world’s most breathtaking views from its marble busts-lined Terrace of Infinity.


Dangling off the edge of a cliff, midway between Sorrento and Amalfi town, Positano is the coast’s most striking and enchanting town. Just like Amalfi, it is the most sought after destination by tourists throughout the year. The unmatched charm and dream-like atmosphere of the town make it an ideal place for an eventful wedding. But the town’s real magic lies in its surreally steep topography, with thousands of stairs and tiny vertical streets winding tightly through a clutter of peach, pink, and terracotta-colored houses, and eventually down to the shimmering sea.

The main bay offers a unique glimpse on the town rising vertically from the beach up to the sky. It looks just like a painted cloth hung at the back of a theater stage as part of the scenery. Needless to say, the bay is the most sought after place in Positano for a wedding photo session. Last but not least, the town offers glorious views from above the many terraces of its luxury hotels and villas.


Due to its geographical location, Praiano is the town with the most dramatic sunsets on the Amalfi Coast. Seen from afar, the town looks like a cascade of whitewashed houses tumbling down verdant slopes to a cobalt sea. This unique view is truly picturesque and evocative. There are a number of paths along this stretch of coast just by the water that are perfect for both a romantic walk and for a photoshoot at sunset. For those who love nature hiking, Praiano is a strategic starting point to reach the renowned Path of the Gods. The name of the footpath is an indication of the spectacular scenery en route.

In the town centre stands the church of St. Gennaro, which is an ideal place to exchange the wedding rings. The interiors are refined, and outside it is flanked by a bell tower with a dome covered in majolica tiles. It is also known as “the church with a view” due to the large piazza in front of it offering a gorgeous view on Positano. The piazza is also a starting point for nice downhill walks through narrow alleys that lead to lovely small beaches.


The charming town of Sorrento is a very popular destination for a wedding in Italy for many reasons. Firstly, its mild climate makes it a dream location for weddings throughout the year and especially in Spring and Autumn. Furthermore, there are countless beautiful and romantic venues for wedding receptions and wonderful restaurants serving exquisite food.

Civil weddings in Sorrento are popular due to local rules that forbid non-resident couples to celebrate a catholic ceremony. Foreign couples wishing to plan their wedding in Sorrento should consider planning their catholic ceremony in the nearby Positano, Amalfi, Praiano or Ravello, and have their wedding reception in Sorrento. There are many outdoor options for a civil wedding, such as the evocative Cloister of St. Francis, an exquisite open-air venue with wonderful gardens surrounded by interlaced arches in the Arab style.

From a photographic point of view, Sorrento offers plenty of options, ranging from the city’s elegant and colorful streets, enchanting gardens, magnificent terraces overlooking the Bay of Naples, luxury hotels and villas with large terraces and breathtaking views of sheer cliffs. But the real magic of Sorrento comes when all this is wrapped up in its romantic and breathtaking sunsets.

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

Although I have been photographing weddings on the Amalfi Coast for many years now, it never ceases to amaze me. I especially love the landscape, with all those small villages that seem to float nicely between the sky and sea. Its unique beauty is always a source of inspiration.
If you are planning your wedding on the Amalfi Coast and you are searching for a documentary wedding photographer, you may want to take a look at this selection of shots that best represent me. Also, check out some Real Weddings. I shoot weddings in a reportage style, controlling available light. I follow the couple and guests throughout the day capturing candid moments as they happen. As a result, couples will get an emotional storytelling that genuinely represents them.
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