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A sweet Irish wedding in Amalfi Coast

Orlaigh and Alan are a beautiful young couple from Ireland. Irish people are well known for their hospitality and kindness, and the two of them made no exception. We immediately empathised as we got in touch, which was exactly two year before their wedding, when they were looking for a wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast. One year later they came to Amalfi to get everything ready for the big day and to choose a venue for the party, thus we had a chance to meet up. It was nice to get to know such a sweet couple. We had a nice talk while drinking beer, and soon I realized that I was going to be the witness of a very romantic wedding.

A wedding full of emotions

Finally, the special day arrived. I showed up at the villa in advance to capture the excitement of the families and the couple getting ready. From the very first moment I could feel love in the air. Everyone was so excited that I had countless chances to capture great moments such as tears of joy in their eyes. During their getting ready, bride and groom got gifts from each other. The bridesmaids showed up and gave the bride a present from the groom, making it so exciting. The same happened while the groom was setting up for the ceremony, just before he left.

A memorable day

The wedding celebration was in the gorgeous church of San Gennaro in Praiano. The rich floral arrangements, the warm light coming from the stained glass windows and also the vivid colours of the church turned the atmosphere into a romantic dream. Above all, the celebration was so heart-felt. Right after the ceremony we went to Amalfi for the first part of the photo shoot. They had so much fun walking around the town’s crowded streets. As a wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast I know the area intimately, so I suggested to go to the pier at sunset to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery with the town in the background. Finally, we went to the fiord of Praiano for some romantic couple portraits.
Watching the day unfold just so naturally, yet perfectly at the same time, has been quite inspiring. The party took place at Villa Scarpariello Relais, a chic historic villa built on a cliff overlooking the sea.

I have to tell you how blown away I am with the photographs, they are absolutely perfect. You managed to capture everything we asked for on the day. They are full of fun, emotion and some are simply beautiful. I feel like laughing and crying (happy tears!) and so many happy emotions as I look through them. I feel like you captured the true us. I honestly could not be happier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have truly made it possible for us to relive the day in our minds and hearts forever!

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  • Alan Brown said:

    it feels like a lifetime ago, but at the same time only yesterday. seeing the pictures brings back so many fond memories. thank you guido for capturing a special day in both our lives. Alan.