Wedding Photographer in Cilento – Silke & AntonioCilento National Park

A romantic and rustic wedding

The Cilento National Park is a perfect place for those who dream of an intimate countryside wedding. Silke and Antonio live and work in Holland. She gladly accepted to celebrate their big day in the wonderful Cilento, Antonio’s homeland. The couple was looking for a wedding photographer in Cilento who would document the day focusing on the romance. The photography style they had in mind was clear, must have been romantic, simple, and most of all natural. But above all, no staged photography. After visiting my website, Antonio called me to arrange a visit to my studio. He came alone because Silke was still working in Holland. I soon realized they were very demanding with regard to photography, so we had a long talk. Then, right after I showed him some of my latest works, he picked up his phone, called Silke and said to her “I found him!”

I first met her on the wedding day when she was getting ready. We empathized right away and so I realized that all the conditions were perfect for a great photoshoot. The villa where she stayed was large and luminous, and since there were many children, the atmosphere was filled with joy. Silke felt just comfortable despite she never met me, and in addition to that, the atmosphere and the beautiful environment of the villa gave me the right inspiration, so I shot quite a lot. The ceremony took place in the beautiful church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in Agropoli.

A Wedding Photographer in the nature of Cilento National Park

Right after the ceremony, as they wanted some pictures that would show the beauty of the park, we went to Punta Licosa, one of the most spectacular places in the whole area. The experience was extremely pleasant. Furthermore, the warm light of the sunset and the charm of the countryside allowed me to document their wedding exactly the way they wanted. The reception was held at Villa Sirio, a beautiful historical house from where you can admire gorgeous sunsets year round. I shot a few more photos there to take advantage of the spectacular sunset.