Amalfi Wedding Photography – Carissa & AlfredoAmalfi Coast, Italy

Wedding Photography in Amalfi for a lively and joyful wedding

An amazing day in Amalfi for wedding photography. The weather forecast didn’t fill us with promise for the big day of Carissa and Alfredo. Even the day before, when we had an engagement photo shoot, the sky was overburdened with menacing clouds. However, as I use to say, these are those moments when most likely the best light condition may occur. After all, other than a few showers here and there during the two days, the light was quite amazing. I think I have never been so lucky with the overall light condition at any wedding. And despite the gloomy sky, the couple was blessed with the finest light you could dream for your big day. The only times we had heavy rain was during the ceremony in the Amalfi Cathedral and during the party, when everybody was safe and dry inside.

The outdoor shooting

As soon as the ceremony was over and we left the church, the weather improved and we spotted gorgeous sun rays coming out of the thick clouds. Furthermore, due to the rain there was no people around or sitting on the steps of the cathedral, thus making the dream of Carissa – to have photos taken on the steps with no people around – come true. In many years I had never seen the steps not crowded with tourists. That was almost surreal. On top of that, no rush, fine light, and a wonderful couple eager to have their photo taken. Can a wedding photographer ask for more?

A nice walk by the coast

After more than one hour of shooting, the couple didn’t seem to have enough with photos. So we went back and forth from place to place, all of them enlighten with superb light. I then suggested to reach the venue for the party on foot instead of going by car, since there is a very nice scenic path by the sea as you walk along the coast. They liked the idea very much and gladly we looked for other great photography opportunities at sunset. Finally we got to the Africana Famous Club where the party was held, which is one of my favourite locations. The venue, nicely embedded in the rock, has glasses all around so that you can enjoy the view just above the sea level.

Planning a destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast from the US already seems like a daunting task so when it was time to look for a photographer who would capture and memorialize our engagement party and wedding festivities, this was one of the main priorities. We were looking for someone who could capture our best moments, a combination of posed, candid, spontaneous action shots, group shots to pretty details of our wedding as well as sensitive impressions of the event's emotions. He had photos in colored and black and white medium. Guido and his team did an excellent job and exceeded our expectations with our photos and videos. We trusted him to take the lead and we merely followed his suggestions. They were very professional the whole time - from adapting to weather issues to just about everything that could possibly come up making it as flawless as possible for us as well as all our guests. And the price was very reasonable as well.

Carissa Avatar
  • CHURCH: Amalfi Cathedral.
  • VENUES: Ravello, Amalfi, Praiano.
  • RECEPTION: Africana Famous Club in Praiano.
  • EVENT PLANNER: Happy Brides.
  • FILMMAKER: Alfonso Ruggiero.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Guido Tramontano Guerritore.